Capacity Building System ™ was developed to help local, nonprofit organizations, churches, and associations start, sustain, and scale.

We work with organizations at various stages: from the start-up phase to well-established organizations with up to 250 employees. 

Nonprofit Checklist

  • Do you have a clear vision of where you are going and how you will get there?
  • Do you have the proper structure and people to get you where you want to go?
  • Have you clearly defined your mission and target market? Are you marketing effectively to that target market?
  • Do your staff, board members, and volunteers all share your values?
  • Are all of your programs and activities aligned with your mission?
  • Do you have clear fundraising goals and a plan to achieve those goals?
  • Do you have written processes that have been trained and are followed and regularly reviewed?
  • Is your team healthy with a high level of trust and accountability?

Gain Clarity And Improve

If your organization needs to improve in two or more of the above areas, the Capacity Building System ™ can help!

The Capacity Building System ™ will help you gain clarity and improve in each area.

Working with a Capacity Building System ™ Coach, your team will experience three days of strategic planning, followed by quarterly coaching and goal and team building sessions.